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Presentations from the CCS at upcoming international conferences

11-15 April, 2018: From oocyte to embryo - illuminating the origins of life, lake Titisee, Germany
• Invited speaker (Eva Hoffmann)

7-11th May, 2018: EMBL Symposium on ‘DNA replication’, Heidelberg, Germany
• Symposium speaker (Ian Hickson) 

15-19th May, 2018: 14th Foundation Ipsen conference on ‘Cancer Science: DNA damage and genome instability’, Monopoli, Italy
• Invited speaker (Ian Hickson)

24th-25th May 2018: British Meiosis Meeting 2018 (BMM2018), Brighton, UK
• Plenary speaker (Eva Hoffmann)

3-7 June, 2018, Embo workshop: Chromatin dynamics and nuclear
organization in genome maintenance”, 
Illkirch, France
•  Invited speaker (Michael Lisby)
•  Invited speaker (Niels Mailand)

10-15 June, 2018: Molecular Mechanisms and Regulation of Meiosis Across Species, Gordon Conference on Meiosis, Colby-Sawyer College, USA
• Invited speaker (Eva Hoffmann)

22-27 July, 2018: Chromosome Replication, Repair and Architecture, Gordon Conference on Genomic Instability, Hong Kong, China
• Invited speaker (Eva Hoffmann)

6th-8th September, 2018. Jena Aging Meeting, Jena Germany.
• Symposium speaker (Ian Hickson) 

30th September-4th October, 2018. Copenhagen Bioscience Meeting on 'Protein Signalling’, Copenhagen, Denmark.
• Symposium speaker (Ian Hickson) 

1st-4th November, 2018. 7th International Conference on 'Biomedical and Environmental Sciences and Technology’, Shenzhen, China.
• Symposium speaker (Ian Hickson) 

January 13-18, 2019, Keystone Symposium on “DNA replication and genome instability: From mechanism to disease”, Snowbird, Utah
• Invited speaker (Niels Mailand)