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Presentations from the CCS at international conferences held in 2017

2-7th April, 2017: Keystone Symposia Conference on ‘DNA Replication and Recombination’, Santa Fe, USA   • Symposium speaker (Ian Hickson)   • Invited speaker (Eva Hoffmann)   • Poster presentation: (Teresa Ho, Mailand group)

18-22nd April, 2017: Cold Spring Harbor Meeting on ‘The Ubiquitin Family’, Cold Spring Harbor, New York, USA.    • Symposium speaker (Niels Mailand)

11-13 May 2017, IVI International Congress on Reproductive Medicine, Bilbao, Spain. • Symposium speaker (Eva Hoffmann)

1-4th June, Cold Spring Harbor Annual Symposium, New York, USA. • (Ian Hickson)

1-4th July 2017, International Society for Cytogenetics Conference, Florence, Italy. • Symposium speaker (Eva Hoffmann)

2-5th July, 2017, European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) Conference, Geneva, Switzerland. • (Eva Hoffmann)

3-6 July, 2017: Fusion Conference on  ‘DNA Replication as a Source of DNA Damage’, "From Molecules to Human Health", Rome, Italy   • Symposium speaker and co-organizer (Ian Hickson)   • Selected speaker (Lorenza Garribba – Liu Lab)   • Symposium speaker (Luis Toledo)   • Symposium speaker (Niels Mailand)   • Symposium speaker (Andres Lopez-Contreras)   • Symposium speaker (Eva Hoffmann)   • Symposium speaker (Michael Lisby)