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Center for Chromosome Stability

International Collaborators

Linda Bergersen, Oslo, Norway (neurobiology of aging)
Keith Caldecott, Sussex, UK (genes required for DNA single strand break repair)
Oscar Fernandez-Capetillo, CNIO, Madrid, Spain (mouse models of the replication stress response)
Rafael Peñafiel Garcia, Murcia, Spain (polyamine metabolism)
Vincent Geli, CNRS, Marseille, France (telomere homeostasis)
William Holloman, Weill Cornell Medical College, New York (BRCA2/Brh2, Dss1, homologous recombination)
Lumir Krejci, Masaryk University, Czech Republic (biochemistry of homologous recombination)
Matthias Mann, Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Martinsried, Germany (proteomics-based discovery of new components of the DNA damage response)
Cynthia McMurray, Berkeley, USA (neurodegenerative disorders) 
Erich Nigg, Basel, Switzerland (function of human PICH)
Andre Nussenzweig, NIH, Bethesda, USA (genomic instability and cancer)
Titia Sixma, Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands (biochemical and structural analysis of ubiquitylation processes)
Wim Vermeulen and Jurgen Marteijn, ErasmusMC, Rotterdam, Netherland (ubiquitylation and SUMOylation in nucleotide excision repair)
Gijs Wuite and Erwin Peterman, Amsterdam, Netherland (biophysics, optical tweezers)
Songmin Ying, Hangzhou, China (fragile site instability)

National Collaborators

Thomas Bentin, ICMM, Copenhagen, Denmark (real time tracking of defined loci in human cells)
Lotte Bjergbæk, Aarhus University, Denmark (genetics of DNA replication stress)
Chuna Choudhary, CPR, Copenhagen, Denmark (proteomics and bioinformatics)
Jeremy A. Daniel, CPR, Copenhagen, Denmark ( mouse knockout models of new DNA damage response factors)
Anja Groth, BRIC, Copenhagen, Denmark (discovery and characterization of new factors in cellular responses to replication stress)
Anders Kristensen, DTU, Denmark (biomechanics, microfluidics)
Claudia and Jiri Lukas, CPR, Copenhagen, Denmark (analysis of fragile sites)
Guillermo Montoya, CPR, Copenhagen, Denmark (biophysical characterization of proteins and protein domains)
Uffe Mortensen, Technical University of Denmark (genetics of homologous recombination)
Jesper V. Olsen, CPR, Copenhagen, Denmark (mass spectrometry for quantitative proteomics)
Lene J. Rasmussen, CEHA, Copenhagen, Denmark (genomic instability and mitochondrial function)
Claus Sørensen, BRIC, Copenhagen, Denmark (role of FBH1)
Niels Tommerup, ICMM, Copenhagen, Denmark (next-generation sequencing)
Vibe H. Østergaard, Department of Biology, Copenhagen, Denmark (chromosomal fragile sites)