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Pre- and postgraduate courses

The CCS aims to provide a dynamic and friendly research environment for students at various levels both within our dedicated laboratories and on our university courses.
photo of students in the labThe CCS group leaders, postdocs and PhD students are participating in teaching on courses including: Molecular Biology, Medical Cell and Tissue Biology (Block D), Medical Genetics, Human Genetics, Molecular biology and Genetics , Advanced Live Cell Imaging, Reproductive Biology Course, and regular teaching seminars in genomics for embryologists (Region H).

Bachelor project, MSc and PhD defenses


  • 25th June 2018, Ireen Kooij passed her bachelor project with full mark. Her bachelor project was: "Identification of Candidate Gene(s) Whose Mutation Predisposes to Radiation Sensitivity”.  Project supervisor: Associate Prof. Ying Liu. 
  • 17th April 2018, Signe Winther Jørgensen defended her PhD thesis "Analysis of DNA replication stress at a telomeric region". Main Supervisor: Prof. Ian David Hickson. Co-supervisor: Associate Prof. Hocine William Mankouri.
  • 29th September 2017, Victoria Alexandra Bjerregaard defended her PhD thesis "Folate deficiency drives missegregation of the FRAXA locus". Main Supervisor: Associate Prof. Ying Liu. Co-supervisor: Prof. Ian David Hickson.
  • 13th September 2017, Özgun Özer defended her PhD thesis ”Telomere Instability in Human Cells - replication stress-induced mitotic DNA synthesis at difficult-to-replicate loci”.  Main Supervisor: Prof. Ian David Hickson, Co-supervisors: Associate Prof. Ying Liu, Associate Prof. Hocine William Mankouri, Associate Prof. Claus Storgaard Sørensen


  • 31st May 2016, Ganesha Pitchai, defended his PhD thesis "Biophysical and Structural Characterization of the Interaction Between PICH and BEND3". Main Supervisor: Prof. Ian Hickson. Co-supervisors: Dr. Werner W. Streicher and Prof. Guillermo Montoya.


  • 28th April 2015, Christian Friberg Nielsen, defended his PhD thesis "PICH Stimulates Topoisomerase IIa to Promote Sister Chromatid Disjunction in Mitosis” Main PhD supervisor: Prof. Ian Hickson. Co-supervisor: Associate Prof. Ying Liu