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Our facilities

The CCS is part of the Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine (ICMM) in the Health and Medical Sciences Faculty of the University of Copenhagen.

The majority of the Principal Investigators (PIs) within the CCS (Hickson, Hoffmann, Liu, Lopez-Contreras, Mankouri and Mailand) are located in The Panum Institute, while the Lisby group works jointly in the ICMM and the Department of Biology in the nearby BioCenter.

We have access to state-of-the-art facilities including the Core Facility for Integrated Microscopy (https://cfim.ku.dk/), the ICMM-based Center for Functional Genome Research  where high-throughput DNA sequencing is carried out, the Center for Protein Research (https://www.cpr.ku.dk/) where an advanced proteomics facility and expertise are available, and the Core Facility for Transgenic Mice (https://transgenicmice.ku.dk/). Furthermore, we can also carry out biophysical analyses using state-of-the-art microfluidics and single molecule techniques via our collaborators (http://www.nanotech.dtu.dk/research-mega/forskningsgrupper/kristensen,  and http://www.nat.vu.nl/~gwuite/)

Within the CCS, we are equipped with facilities for culturing cells from different organisms (yeast, insect, chicken, mouse and human), and for conducting research using advanced methodologies in molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, mouse and human pathology, including high-throughput and high content microscopy systems.