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Center for Chromosome Stability offers excellent opportunities for highly motivated master students, PhD fellows and postdoctoral fellows to participate in pioneering research.

CCS work environment

The center comprises the Director (Ian Hickson), a steering group of all core PIs, an administrator, a bioinformatician, and a lab manager. The CCS has the breadth of expertise to conduct studies at levels from DNA molecules through to whole organisms. The aim is to integrate fundamental and multidisciplinary research in one research center. The center PIs will conduct collaborative projects by co-supervising postdoc, PhD and master students. One of the missions of the CCS is to attract and train the best young researchers from the world, and to facilitate the scientific development of the next generation of research leaders.

Vacant positions

Postdoctoral position available in the Hickson Laboratory

Ian Hickson’s laboratory at the University of Copenhagen is seeking a postdoctoral biophysicist or biochemist to undertake an ambitious project to utilize optical tweezers and/or lab-on-a-chip technologies to analyze the structure of human chromosomes and to reconstitute mitotic sister chromatid disjunction in vitro with purified components.
This project forms part of an international, interdisciplinary collaboration with physicists from the Technical University in Denmark and the Free University, Amsterdam. 
Highly motivated candidates with a background in biophysics or biochemistry are encouraged to apply, as are physicists wishing to study biological phenomena.
The position is available from May 1st, 2019 for up to 3 years.  
Application due: 3/31/2019
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Postdoctoral positions are available for motivated young scientists

The Center for Chromosome Stability (CCS) is inviting applications from both recently graduated PhD students and experienced postdoctoral researchers for fully funded postdoc positions to commence from June 1st, 2019 or at a mutually convenient time later in 2019. The positions are 2 years with the possibility for extension. Candidates must have an excellent academic track-record and show evidence of having conducted research at an internationally competitive level, as well as having an interest in studying DNA repair/replication, chromosomal instability, or a related topic. 
Positions are available in any of the five laboratories listed below. Interested candidates should visit the CCS website to view the research profiles of the lab heads and their publications. 

  • Ian Hickson, Role of DNA replication stress as a driver of chromosomal instability.
  • Eva Hoffmann,The DNA damage response in the human germline. 
  • Ying Liu, Folate deprivation and the mechanism of trinucleotide repeat instability. 
  • Andrés Lopez-Contreras, Novel mouse models to investigate chromosomal instability and cancer.
  • Luis Toledo, Co-ordination of DNA replication and cell division. 

The employment is a full time and fixed-term position for 2 years with the possibility for extension.
 Starting date is June 1st, 2019.  
Application due: 3/31/2019
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You must always submit your application online via