Join Center for Chromosome Stability

Center for Chromosome Stability offers excellent opportunities for highly motivated master students, PhD fellows and postdoctoral fellows to participate in pioneering research.

CCS work environment

The center comprises the Director (Ian Hickson), a steering group of all core PIs, an administrator, a bioinformatician, and a lab manager. The CCS has the breadth of expertise to conduct studies at levels from DNA molecules through to whole organisms. The aim is to integrate fundamental and multidisciplinary research in one research center. The center PIs will conduct collaborative projects by co-supervising postdoc, PhD and master students. One of the missions of the CCS is to attract and train the best young researchers from the world, and to facilitate the scientific development of the next generation of research leaders.

Vacant positions

Vacant PhD Positions in the Center for Chromosome Stability

Following the successful renewal of funding for the CCS until mid 2025, we wish to recruit up to 5 talented and motivated PhD students to conduct high level research within one of the research groups in the center.

he following PhD project areas will be available in 2021:

  • Eva Hoffmann – Genome instability in mammalian germ cells and embryos (collaboration with the Lisby and Hickson groups).
  • Michael Lisby – Genome-wide analysis of meiotic recombination (collaboration with the Hoffmann group).
  • Ying Liu – Analysis genome instability induced by folate deficiency.
  • Niels Mailand - Charting signaling in chromosome stability using CRISPR- and proteomics-based screens (collaboration with the Hickson group). 
  • Luis Toledo – Genomic stability maintenance during cell proliferation.

Applicants should indicate in their motivation letter which of the CCS groups (up to two) they would prefer to join.

Application deadline: 25 October 2020, 23.59pm CET

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