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Seminars and meetings organised by the CCS

To facilitate communication with other scientists in Copenhagen, the CCS hosts a ‘Chromosome Biology Club’ bi-monthly seminar series. Three scientists from different research groups in research fields focusing on chromosomes are invited to give talks at each meeting. CBC seminars have been very popular judging by the continuous high attendance of this seminar series. In addition, CCS members have organized various international conferences.

Chromosome Biology Club


Feb 26th, 2019
Vasileios Voutsinos (Vibe): Characterising expression of the common fragile site gene PARK2
Kathleen Stewart-Morgan <> (Groth lab): Transcription Restart Establishes Chromatin Accessibility after DNA Replication
Nidhi Nair (Sørensen lab): Spatial organisation of the genome: stabilising the nuclear lamina at mitotic exit
Chair: Michael Lisby 

April 30th, 2019
Lorenza Garribba (Liu lab, CCS) - “SLX1-SLX4 promotes mitotic DNA synthesis at the folate sensitive FRAXA locus”
Leena Ackermann (Mailand Lab, CPR) - “SUMOylation promotes protective responses to DNA-protein crosslinks”
Aditya Sankar (Hoffmann/Helin Labs, CCS) - ” H3K9me3 exclusion from broad H3K4me3 domains in oocytes is critical for maternal to zygotic transition (MZT) in mammals”
Chair: Vasileios Voutsinos 

June 25th, 2019
Jennifer Gruhn (Hoffmann Lab, CCS). - ”Chromosome errors in human eggs shape natural fertility".
Jakob Skou Pedersen, Aarhus University - ” Discovery of non-coding drivers and analysis of mutational processes across more than 2,500 whole cancer genomes”.
Apolinar Maya-Mendoza (Danish Cancer Society) - “Regulation of replication fork speed: mechanisms and impact on genomic stability”
Chair: Lorenza Garribba 

Sept 24th, 2019
Petra Hamerlik (Danish Cancer Society) - ”SPT6 dictates double-strand DNA break repair pathway choice and safeguards genomic stability of glioblastoma cancer stem-like cells”
Gijs Zonderland (Toled Lab, CCS) - ”How is the cell cycle program correctly executed?”
Wei Wu (Ying Liu, CCS) - ”RTEL1 prevents the pathological accumulation of R-loops at difficult-to-replicate loci in the human genome”
Chair: Andres Lopez-Contreras 


Nov 27th, 2018
Nataliya Petryk (Groth Lab, BRIC) - “How modified histones are inherited to sister chromatids during DNA replication.”
Katrine Vyff Løvschal (Holmberg Lab, Biology) - Regulation of Ribonucleotide Reductase and Screening for Species-specific Inhibitors
Nicolai B. Larsen (Duxin lab, CPR) - “Mechanisms of DNA-protein crosslink proteolysis by SPRTN and the proteasome”
Chair: Andres Bueno

Sep 25th, 2018
Dorthe Helena Payne-Larsen   (Danish Cancer Society) - “A specialized nucleolar DNA-damage response detects and repairs double strand breaks in highly transcribed ribosomal genes”
Claus Desler, (Lene Rasmussen Lab, CEHA) - “Statin usage enhances mitochondrial bioenergetics”
Andres Bueno (Hickson lab, CCS) - ”Towards Defining the Essential Role of the SMC5/6 Complex in Human Cells”
Chair: Eliene Albers

June 26th, 2018 
Kyosuke Nakamura (Groth lab, BRIC) - “Sister chromatid availability directs DSB repair pathway choice via BRCA1-BARD1”
Eliene Albers (Lopez-Contreras lab, CCS) - “Loss of PICH results in chromosomal instability and embryonic lethality in mice”
Meeting Chair: Kumar Somyajit

May 28th, 2018
Prof. Scott Keeney (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center) - “Breaking PAR: The curious case of the recombining sex chromosome”
Host: Prof. Eva Hoffmann (CCS)

April 24th, 2018       
Henrik D. Møller (Regenberg lab, Department of Biology) - “Circular DNA elements of chromosomal origin are common in the healthy human genome”
Xin Shao (Østergaard lab, Department of Biology) - “A distinct role for recombination factors in an immediate cellular response to transcription-replication conflicts”
Kumar Somyajit (Lukas lab, CPR) - “Exploring the redox-controlled boundaries of physiological and pathological responses at a replication fork”
Meeting Chair: Michael Lisby

Copenhagen Chromosome Biology Club meets Copenhagen Stem Cell, Development & Differentiation Club
Feb 20th, 2018
Kristian Reckzeh (Theilgaard-Mönch Lab, BRIC) - “Novel markers of human hematopietic stem cells and clinical application”
Rajat Gupta (Choudhary Lab, CPR) - “Global analysis of DNA damage repair networks reveals novel regulators of DSB repair”
Robert Bone (Brickman Lab, DanStem) - “Determining the metabolic underpinnings of totipotency”
Reihaneh Zarrizi (Sørensen Lab, BRIC) - “Exploring a new cancer relevant function for CtIP”
Meeting Chair: André Brannvoll (CCS)


November 21st, 2017
Peter Haahr (Mailand lab, CPR) - “A new deubiquitylating enzyme that promotes genome
stability upon replication stress”
André Brannvoll (Lisby lab, Department of Biology and CCS) - “From yeast to human: Identification of ZGRF1 as a novel DNA repair factor”
Morten Scheibye-Knudsen (CEHA) - “The discovery of a new premature aging disease”
Meeting Chair: Victoria A Bjerregaard

September 25th, 2017
Prof. David Pellman (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School) - “Job’s dilemma for the genome: Why bad things happen to good chromosomes.”
Host: Prof. Jiri Lukas (CPR)

June 20th, 2017
Despoina Sakellariou (Pena-Diaz lab, CEHA) - “MSH3 regulates telomere maintenance in ALT cancer cells”
Victoria A Bjerregaard (Liu lab, CCS) - “Folate deficiency causes instability at long CGG repeats in human cells”
Stephanie Munk (Lopez-Contreras lab, CCS and Olsen lab, CPR) - “Kinase landscape of the DDR”
Meeting Chair: Claire Guerillon (Mailand lab, CPR)

April 25st, 2017
Jamin Hein (Nilsson lab, CPR) - “Distinct dephosphorylation kinetics of serine and threonine residues are essential for mitosis”
Joanna Maria Merchut-Maya (Bartek lab, DCS) - “HCMV infection exacerbates genome instability”
Anna Bizard (Hickson lab, CEHA, CCS) - “Single molecule analysis of a DNA supercoiling machine”
Meeting Chair: Petra Schwertman (Mailand lab, CPR)

Feb 21st, 2017
Sara Thornby Bak (Pena-Diaz lab, ICMM) - “The interplay between mismatch repair and the chromatin remodeler SMARCAD1 prevents instability of trinucleotide repeats”
Kyosuke Nakamura (Groth lab, BRIC) - “Comprehensive proteomic profiling of the chromatin environment surrounding stressed replication forks”
Luis Toledo (new lab, CCS, ICMM) - “Exploring the boundaries of mammalian DNA replication”
Meeting Chair: Andreas Mund (Daniel & Mann labs, CPR)


Nov 29th, 2016       
René Medema, Director of Research, Group Leader, Professor, Netherlands Cancer Institute - “Tolerance to whole chromosome versus partial aneuploidies is determined by their differential effect on genomic stability”
Meeting Chair: Jakob Nilsson (CPR)

Sept 27th, 2016       
Brian Larsen (Sørensen lab, BRIC) - “Nuclease driven DNA damage checkpoint control”
Lotte Bjergbæk (Bjergbæk lab, Aarhus Univ) - “Repair of a site-specific replication-born double strand break in S. cerevisiae”
Julien Duxin (new lab, CPR) - “DNA-protein crosslink repair during S phase”
Meeting Chair: Kumar Somyajit (Lukas Lab, CPR)

June 21st, 2016       
Aiste Aleliunaite (Hickson lab, CEHA, CCS) - “Cellular responses to a site-specific replication block in mammalian cells”
Muhammad Shoaib (Sørensen lab, BRIC) - “Chromatin compaction limits replication licensing to promote genome integrity”
Simon Bekker-Jensen (new lab, CEHA, CPR) - “Dissecting p38-dependent cellular stress responses”
Meeting Chair: Jenny Gruhn (Hoffmann Lab, CCS)

Feb 23rd, 2016
Giedre Bacinskaja (Lisby Lab, Biocenter) - “The quest to find a role for the Saccharomyces cerevisiae Rdh54 DNA translocase at kinetochores”
Peter Haahr (Mailand Lab, CPR) - “A new ATR activation mechanism in human cells”
Claus Desler (Rasmussen Lab, CEHA) - “Mitochondrial dysfunction affects translesion synthesis and chromosomal instability through alterations of dNTP pools”
Meeting Chair: Nicolai Larsen (Hickson Lab, CEHA)

Chromosome Biology Club meets Copenhagen Stem Cell, Development & Differentiation Club
Tuesday, Jan 19th, 2016
Aditya Sankar (Helin Lab, BRIC) - “Epigenetic enzyme Jmjd2a effects sexual libido through pituitary AP-1 transcription factor machinery”
Thomas Kruse (Nilsson Lab, CPR) - “A conserved short linear interaction motif for the PP2A-B56 protein phosphatase”
Billy Hamilton (Brickman Lab, DanStem) - "Category errors in the pluripotency network”
Robert Strauss (Bartek Lab, DCS) - “Engagement of the DNA damage response directs cellular stemness in ovarian cancer”
Meeting Chair: Kata Sarlos (Hickson Lab, CEHA)


Nov 24th, 2015       
Giulia Saredi (Groth Lab, BRIC) - “Identification of post-replicative chromatin by a H4K20me0 reader”
Magdalena Budzowska (Choudhary Lab, CPR) - “Mechanism of translesion synthesis during DNA interstrand crosslink repair”
Eva Hoffmann (newly recruited group, CEHA) - “Genome diversification and aging chromosomes in the human germline”
Meeting Chair: Kai Neelsen (Lukas Lab, CPR)

Sept 29th, 2015       
Linda Starnes (Daniel Lab, CPR) - “Decoding the functional domains of a multi-tasking protein”
Sascha Emilie Liberti (Hickson Lab, CEHA) - “Analysis of mutagenesis arising at a site-specific stalled replication fork”
Vibe Østergaard (new junior group, Biocenter) - “Studies of repair and mutagenesis at chromosomal fragile sites”
Meeting Chair: Christian Nielsen (Hickson Lab, CEHA)

June 30th, 2015       
Saskia Hoffmann (Mailand Lab, CPR) - “TRAIP is a PCNA-associated ubiquitin ligase that protects genome stability after replication stress”
Caroline Stromme (Groth Lab, BRIC) - ”Structure-function insights into MCM2 chaperoning of histones H3/H4”
Linda Starnes (Daniel Lab, CPR) - ”Decoding the functional domains of a multi-tasking protein”
Meeting Chair:  Melanie Blasius (Bartek Lab, Danish Cancer Society)

April 21st, 2015      
Marianne Marita Hansen  (Sørensen Lab, BRIC) - “Structures impacting on ATM activation”
Scott Maynard (Bartek Lab, Danish Cancer Society) - ”Lamin A/C promotes base excision repair of oxidative DNA damage”
Luis Toledo  (Lukas Lab, CPR, Panum) - ”The boundary between DNA replication and genome disintegration”
Meeting Chair:  Fena Ochs (Lukas lab)

February 24th, 2015       
Camilla Colding  (Lisby Lab, BioCenter) - “The intra-nuclear quality control compartment (INQ): Compartmentalizing the replication checkpoint response”
Tina Thorslund (Mailand lab, CPR) - ”Linker histones couple initiation and amplification of ubiquitin signaling after DNA damage”
Andres Lopez-Contreras  (New lab, Panum) - ”Modeling the DNA damage response in mice”
Meeting Chair:  Nicolai Balle Larsen (Hickson lab) 

photo of seminar audience

CCS Special Seminars

Friday, 5th July 2019
Peter McHugh, Professor (Dept. of Oncology, Medical Sciences Division, University of Oxford, UK)
"Metallo-β-Lactamase (MBL) Fold DNA Repair Nucleases – Mechanism And Inhibition"

Monday, 20th May 2019
Wojciech Niedzwiedz, Professor (Institute of Cancer Research, London, UK)
"Small Mistakes With Grave Consequences: Unraveling The Mechanisms Of Genome Instability To Treat Cancer"

International conferences 

Keystone Symposium on ’Ubiquitin Biology’. Snowbird, Utah (Niels Mailand)

Fusion Conference on 'DNA Replication as a Source of DNA Damage: From Molecules to Human Health' in Rome, Italy (Ian Hickson)
EMBO Workshop on ‘DNA topoisomerases’, Les Diablerets, Switzerland (Anna Bizard)
International University of Andalucia (UNIA) workshop on 'Chromosomal Instability: from molecular mechanisms to disease' in Baeza, Spain (Andres Lopez-Contreras) 
Benzon Conference on DNA Repair and Neurodegeneration, Copenhagen (Ian Hickson)                    
Quinquennial symposium on "Responses to DNA damage: from molecule to disease", Egmond aan Zee, The Netherlands (Niels Mailand) 

EMBO Meiosis Conference, Oxford, UK (Eva Hoffmann)