Seminars and meetings organised by the CCS

To facilitate communication with other scientists in Copenhagen, the CCS hosts a ‘Chromosome Biology Club’ bi-monthly seminar series. Three scientists from different research groups in research fields focusing on chromosomes are invited to give talks at each meeting. CBC seminars have been very popular judging by the continuous high attendance of this seminar series. In addition, CCS members have organized various international conferences.

Chromosome Biology Club


30th January, 2024

  • Fena Ochs (Ochs group, BRIC) Sister chromatid cohesion is mediated by individual cohesion complexes
  • Thierry Boissière (Svejstrup group, CGE-ICCM) A transcription- and ATR-dependent G1 checkpoint


26th March 2024

  • Bob Meeusen (Nilsson Group, CPR) – An amino acid group functional map of protein phosphatase biogenesis uncover CYB5R4 as a novel regulator of PP4/6
  • Sebastian Kaiser (Hickson Group, CCS) – Characterizing the roles of PICH, TRR and BLM in the decatenation of dsDNA structures using optical tweezers
  • Andreas Ingham (Mailand Group, CPR) – Link histone supply dictates TOP2 inhibitor cytotoxicity


Organizers: Thomas Miller, Vibe Østergaard, and Julien Duxin



28th February 2023

  • Susi Bantele (Jiri Lukas group, CPR) - Heritable changes in chromatin function after DNA double-strand break repair”
  • Sebastian Charlton (Genevieve Thon group, Biology) - Maintenance of heterochromatin by the replication Fork Protection Complex (FPC)
  • Julio Liu (Niels Mailand Group, CPR) - A novel SUMO-targeted ubiquitin ligase with a key role in DNA-protein crosslink repair and other stress responses


25th April 2023

  • Jason Halliwell (Eva Hoffmann group, CCS) - Starting Life: Establishing a DNA replication program in the early embryo
  • Giacomo Milletti (Apolinar Maya-Mendoza group, Danish Cancer Society) - AMBRA1: a novel master regulator of cell cycle and genome integrity
  • Szymon Barwacz (Ying Liu Group, CCS) - Analysis of factors contributing to mitotic DNA synthesis (MiDAS)


27th June 2023

  • Veronika Baráth (Ian Hickson group, CCS) - Visualization of loop extrusion by PICH, using optical tweezers
  • Peng Han (Birgitte Regenberg group, Biology, KU) - Recurrent extrachromosomal miRNA-gene amplification drives renal cancer phenotypes
  • Kumar Somyajit (SDU, Odense) - The natural paucity of KIAA0101/PAF15 rate-limits stochastic lagging strand activities and global DNA replication


26th September 2023

  • Jan Benada (Claus Storgaard Sørensen, BRIC) Synthetic lethal interaction between WEE1 and PKMYT1 kinases is a target for multiple low-dose therapy
  • Selene Sellés Baiget (Duxin Group, CPR) Catalytic and non-catalytic functions of DNA polymerase kappa in translesion DNA synthesis
  • Sebastian Charlton (Thon Group, Biology) The fork protection complex promotes parental histone recycling and epigenetic memory


21st November 2023

  • Andrew Blackford (Blackford group, ICMM) – BLM and BRCA1-BARD1 coordinate complementary mechanisms of joint DNA molecule resolution
  • Keerthana Stine Bagge (Lisby Group, Biology, KU) – The role of ZGRF1 helicase in telomere stability maintenance
  • Matthew Todd (Growth Group, CPR) – TONSL dependency in cancer: Genetic interactions and pre-clinical models with whole genome doubling

Organizers: Thomas Miller, Vibe Østergaard, and Julien Duxin



1st March 2022

  • Sebastian Charlton (Genevieve Thon lab, BRIC) - Maintenance of heterochromatic gene silencing by fission yeast Mrc1CLASPIN
  •  Melvin Noe Gonzalez ( (Svejstrup lab, ICMM) - From ABC to CTD: Unraveling the protein-binding grammar of the RNA Polymerase II C-terminal domain”
  • Manika Singh (Hickson lab, CCS, ICMM) - Moonlighting role of S-phase checkpoint in mitosis


26th April 2022

  • Kumar Somyajit (group leader, SDU) - Exploring the dark and the bright sides of cell endogenous DNA replication stress
  • Daniel Blears (Svejstrup group, ICMM) - Deconstruction of the human Integrator complex and its transcription termination functions
  • Desire Pichardo (Marquardt group, PLEN) - Single locus proteomics using PCR and NGS to elucidate the non-coding genome


28th June 2022

  • Julie Boertmann Noer (Regenberg lab, BRIC) - Global profiling of extrachromosomal circular DNA in pancreatic cancer
  • Jiangman Lou (Svejstrup lab, ICMM) - Responding to stopped RNAPII, at DNA crosslinks and at promoter-proximal pauses
  • Valentine Flury (Groth lab, CPR) - Recycling of modified H2A-H2B during DNA replication provides short-term memory of chromatin states


27th September 2022

  • Ernest Lim (Lisby lab, CCS/BRIC) - Characterisation of the ZGRF1 helicase at the organismal level (Mus musculus)
  • Thorkell Gudjonsson (Storgaard Sørensen lab) - Decoding genotype-phenotype interactions with CRISPR-Select”
  • Kathleen Stewart-Morgan (Groth group, CPR) - Quantifying propagation of DNA methylation and hydroxymethylation with EDIMS


29th November 2022

  • Massimo Carraro (Groth group, CPR) - DAXX adds a de novo H3.3K9me3 deposition pathway to the histone chaperone network”
  • Duygu Yilmas (Eva Hoffmann group, CCS, ICMM) - Activation of homologous recombination in G1 preserves centromeric integrity
  • Selene Selles Baiget (Duxin group, CPR) - DNA polymerase Kappa has catalytic and non-catalytic functions in DNA damage bypass


Organizers: Luis Toledo, Vibe Østergaard, and Julien Duxin



23rd February 2021 via zoom

  • Lisa Schubert (Mailand lab, CPR) - A novel key player in ICL repair via the Fanconi anemia pathway
  •  Zita Gál (Larsen lab, Danish Cancer Society) - Destabilization of rDNA in the absence of BLM compromises genome integrity
  • Valdemaras Petrosius (Storgaard Sørensen lab, BRIC) - Exploring the conserved roles of WEE1 from yeast to man with quantitative phosphoproteomics


27th April 2021 via zoom

  • Zhong Han (Jesper Svejstrup lab, ICMM) - Factor-independent, intrinsic termination of transcription
  •  Julie Lund Petersen (Lotte Bjergbæk lab, Aarhus University) - Cellular responses towards endogenous Top1 generated damage during replication - investigations without the impact of excess supercoiling
  •  Brian D. Larsen (Claus Storgaard Sørensen lab, BRIC) - Hijacked cell death pathways in cancer cells: rewired and repurposed

29th June 2021 via zoom

  • Lea Haarup Gregersen (Gregersen lab, ICMM) - Guardians of transcriptional integrity
  • Christian Friberg Nielsen (Hickson lab, ICMM) - Catching and manipulating human chromosomes using optical tweezers
  • Takeo Narita (Choudhary lab, CPR) - Investigation of functional roles of CBP/p300


28th September

  • Thomas Miller (CCS, ICMM) - Molecular mechanisms of eukaryotic DNA replication revealed by EM-based visual biochemistry
  • Jazib Hussain (Hoffmann group, CCS, ICMM) - Genetic insights into biological mechanisms governing human ovarian ageing


30th November

  • Emil Hertz (Mailand group, CPR) - Understanding the essential cellular functions of protein SUMOylation
  • Hana Sedlackove (Lukas group, CPR) - Illuminating the MCM paradox by visualizing active CMG helicase at replication factories by quantitative imaging of endogenous replisomes
  • Jenny Gruhn (Hoffmann group, CCS) - Embryonic fragile sites are associated with meiotic recombination hotspots and pericentromeres


Chairs and organizers: Michael Lisby, Vibe Østergaard, and Julien Duxin




















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CCS Special Seminars





International Conferences 


3rd Chromosomal Instability as a Driver of Human Disease Conference, Dubrovnik, Croatia, Oct 14-17, 2023, - Ian Hickson

A theoretical course on ‘Employing synthetic lethality strategies to treat cancer’ (virtual and in-person), Antihelix consortium, - March -April, 2023, Ying Liu



Keystone Symposium on Ubiquitin Biology, Vancouver, Nov 6-9, 2022 - Niels Mailand    



Meiosis in Quarantine (virtual replacement of GRC Meiosis Conference) - Eva Hoffman

12th International Symposium on ‘DNA Damage Responses and Human Disease’, Shanghai, China (virtual and in-person format)- Ian Hickson