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CCS internal meetings

The CCS ‘Research In Progress’ seminars

To encourage and facilitate communication and collaboration amongst different CCS groups, two researchers from different CCS groups present their research at a CCS ‘Research In Progress’ seminar each month.

CCS research in Progress seminars - previous and forthcoming meetings

photo from CCS ‘Research In Progress’ seminar

CCS Retreat

A ‘retreat’ for all members of the CCS took place over 2 days in October 2016 at Dragsholm Castle in northwestern Zealand. This was a great success and provided a relaxed forum for the different teams to review the work of the entire CCS, to establish new collaborative projects, and to interact socially.

2016 CCS retreat
photo from CCS retreat 2016  photo from CCS retreat 2016
The program consisted of scientific presentations, as well as social and networking events.
The photograph below was taken during a guided tour of the haunted castle.
group photo from CCS retreat 2016

Senior Advisory Board (SAB) meetings

The CCS has invited a group of world-renowned research experts to form a Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). The SAB members have brought their knowledge and expertise to advise the CCS group leaders to develop world-leading research portfolios. The composition of the SAB is: Ronald Hay, Dundee, UK; Josef Jiricny, ETH Zurich, Switzerland; Michael Lichten, NIH, USA; Cynthia McMurray, Berkeley, USA; Manuel Serrano, IRB Barcelona, Spain; Stephen West, Crick Institute, London, UK; Virginia Zakian, Princeton, USA.

2017 CCS SAB meeting
photo from 2017 CCS SAB meetingThe meeting consisted of scientific presentations by CCS PIs and by PhD students /postdocs, as well as informal discussion between the SAB and the CCS’s staff.

The SAB provided excellent advice and feedback, and overall the meeting was deemed to be a great success.
The meeting concluded with a social evening in Tivoli.
photo from 2017 CCS SAB meeting    photo from 2017 CCS SAB meeting

2019 CCS SAB meeting
Program (to be updated)